OUR plan

Our vision to see New York and all of her people thrive by starting a multicultural church in Brooklyn where you can grow spiritually, connect with others, and make a difference in the world

Our mission is to build a gospel-centered movement that is a catalyst for spiritual formation, community transformation, soul care and social justice. 

the opportunity

More than two and a half million people live in Brooklyn. It is the most populous of New York City's five boroughs. If it were an independent city, Brooklyn would be the fourth largest in the United States. At the 2010 Census, Brooklyn residents were 49.5% white, 35.8% African American, 19.8% Hispanic/Latino, 11.3% Asian, with several other ethnic groups comprising the rest. Brooklyn also has a high female-to-male ratio with 88 males for every 100 females.

Brooklyn gets it's name from Dutch colonists, who originally named the village Breuckelen. It has always been composed of different types of people as well as diverse and changing neighborhoods. Brooklyn has now become an international destination, attracting a multicultural mix of people from around the globe. A very high 38% of Brooklyn residents are foreign born. As a result, rapid changes are occurring in Brooklyn's neighborhoods. Newcomers seeking to make their mark in the “city that never sleeps,” increasingly, live next door to native New Yorkers with deep community roots.
While Brooklyn has a significant number of churches, most are historic houses of worship.  There are not enough churches in Brooklyn designed to serve the borough’s racially and economically diverse context. 
We want to create a church where everyone is welcome…a place where newcomers and native New Yorkers can be in community, grow, and change the world for good.

neighborhoods & niche

While we love all of Brooklyn, our initial focus will be on the neighborhoods of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill, and Crown Heights. Our church will be reflective of the borough's rich cultural diversity. Our specific niche is to create a multicultural church that is spiritually vibrant and culturally relevant, where skeptics, seekers and believers feel comfortable sharing their lives and asking questions about God; a place that serves all of the community and uses creative communication to break down barriers in a skeptical and distracted culture. Our worship experiences will emphasize:

  • Using the creative arts to communicate the gospel in fresh ways
  • Being a church unchurched people like to attend
  • A concern for felt needs and justice issues that impact people’s lives
  • A contemporary multicultural worship experience

target audience

While our church will be welcoming to everyone, our target audience is people who either live in or love Brooklyn and are:

  • Interested in being part of a multicultural faith community
  • Involved in, impacted by or concerned about justice issues
  • Interested in spiritual things, but turned off by the God of “no” taught during their youth
  • Interested in God, but turned off by institutionalized religion or churches that are not relevant
  • Singles and families seeking a supportive faith community in a highly-competitive status-driven culture and/or resources to help raise children who are set up for success
  • Artists or creative types of various backgrounds
  • Professionals who have achieved material success, but still are not content
  • Singles disillusioned with the dating/bar/party scene
  • In some form of transition (new to area, new job, new to adulthood, new marriage, new child)
  • Feeling lonely or disconnected –  wants friends and community
  • Feeling stressed by debt and increased cost of living in NYC

next steps

Following are our next steps

(a) Research community needs/assets, build community relationships and establish a visible caring presence in targeted neighborhoods

(b) Reach and gather missionally-motivated people into an effective launch team reflective of our target neighborhoods

(c) Recruit people into an effective prayer team committed to praying for our targeted neighborhoods, launch team, and church leadership

(d) Develop and initiate marketing, outreach and gathering strategies/pathways

(d) Develop ministry systems and begin practicing what we’ll become.

Everyone will be encouraged to bring value to the people in their relational networks, to share the vision for our church within their networks, and invite them to a variety of events where they can become familiar with and build trust with our church.  The goal is to help people see Christian faith embodied and lived out in familiar contexts.  These events will include:

  • Community service projects, sponsored by our church to meet a felt community need and add value
  • Small informal social gatherings and dinner parties
  • Church-sponsored creative arts performances
  • “Sneak Peak” worship gatherings (preview services)
  • Monthly Informational “Vision Casting” Meetings